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Simple STEM Play Board

by Jenna Gleason


Square 7. Draw a rectangle. Measure out the length of your kabob sticks with the length of the rectangle. Simply mark the length, and break each stick to the required length. Hot glue the sticks together tight in the rectangle shape. Label it “rectangle”.

Lesson: This teaches shapes and texture of tough material.

Square 8. Glue a square white board onto the poster board.Velcro a marker to the top of the square so it’s interchangeable. Border it with construction paper using hot glue.

Lesson: This is a free drawing station for creativity or game space like tic tac toe, or give your child math problems to solve.

Square 9. Clocks! Draw a circle and color the numbers in marker. Pin 2 paper arrows to the center so they are movable.

Lesson: This is to help with colors and time.

Square 10. Draw a star. Wrap hay string into sections and hot glue them to fill in the shape of a star. Label is “star”.

Lesson: This helps with color and shape and texture.

Square 11. Draw a circle. mermaid felt texture in the shape of a circle. Cut mini circles out of felt paper and hot glue each one to form a circle, making a mermaid pattern. Label it “circle”.

Lesson: This helps with color and shape and texture, but can also teach about mermaids.

Square 12. Hot glue a plastic baggie to the board. Fill it with shaving cream. Seal the bag.

Lesson: This helps your little one with color, shape and mushy texture.

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You're done! Science, technology, engineering, and math are so important to expose our kids to at an early age. Projects like this board are a perfect start! The result is an awesome and fun learning board filled with hours of play time and possible goal board for them to learn as they grow. Have fun with it!

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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