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10 Spring Crafts, Activities, and Recipes!

by Jenna Gleason

We have searched the web for 10 of the best spring crafts, activities, recipes and more for your kids to get excited about. With banana sprinkle bites, bubble painting, and sun catchers, it will be impossible for your kids not to enjoy each day of the season. This list of super exciting ideas for all ages will have you planning your spring break out in the most fun way possible for you and your kids!

1. Spring Button Flowers

These cute pieces of plastic can turn into a beautiful piece of art work! Just find some leftover scraps of cloth, decorative paper, buttons, and crayons. Then create a piece of art work perfect for display or for the family scrapbook! Check Out More Here! 

2. Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe

Such a perfect idea to entertain your kids while enjoying the outdoors. They can have tournaments and make boring rocks turn into amazing unique game pieces! Click Here To See More!

3. Bubble Blowing Paint!

Make bubble liquid with colorful water and paint and watch the magic happen! See How To Do It Here!

4. Paper Bag Butterfly

Here is yet another inexpensive craft for your kids to enjoy! Using only a paper bag, twisty pipe cleaners, and decorative paper, your kids can create beautiful butterflies. Check Out More Here! 

5. Coffee Filter Flowers

Make more unique flowers than you can count, with each one being just as fun as the last. Its super easy and exciting to see how each of your kid's creations will turn out! Click Here To See More!

6. Color Your Rocks

Color rocks you find around your house and decorate them with your imagination! Kids can use them to for a unique herb garden marker, make a story or even use it for a keepsake! See How To Do It Here!

7. Kite Sun Catcher

Add some color to your backyard with these kites made with ribbon, colorful paper, tissue paper and glue! Check Out More Here!


8. Spray Paint Craft

To make this cool sprayed paint craft, you will need a spray bottle, paint, tape and paper! Click Here For the Tutorial!


9. Spring Fruit Snacks

This healthy, but fun to eat snack, is what all the kids in the neighborhood will be talking about! See How To Do It Here! 

10. Banana Peanutbutter Snack

Make bite size pieces of banana and add peanut butter and sprinkles for this fun snack! Check Out More Here! 

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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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