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The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW

It’s no secret that yoga has become the number one exercise for fitness devotees looking for a little mental clarity with a side of stretching and toning.

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But did you know that yoga is fast becoming one of the most beneficial activities for kids of all ages, as well?

That’s right, yoga for kids is popping up everywhere we look. From after school programs to summer camps and everywhere in between, yoga has become the go-to activity for children, starting as young as infancy. And with its long list of benefits, it’s no wonder that even the youngest of yogis are reaping the same benefits as the adult crowd!

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The truth is, not every child is cut out for the soccer field, ballet barre, or the stage. Yoga is the perfect alternative to those children looking to step away from the competition of team sports and begin forming a stronger mind/body connection from an early age.

By introducing yoga to children early on in their lives, they are able to more strongly reap the rewards of this awesome practice, both physically and mentally.

Not only does this begin teaching children the importance of taking care of their bodies and living a healthy lifestyle, it packs a powerful punch in the way of stress relief and creative expression. The breathing techniques, required amount of focus and attention, and physical postures have been known to refine coordination and gross motor skills, develop concentration, and reduce aggressive behavior and social withdrawal.

There are several companies that have yoga inspired toys and products for kids too!

From DVD's to games, your children can begin to benefit from Yoga at home or check out your local community centers for classes to attend. Plus they have kid sized yoga mats available so your child will have a mat "just like mom's" but in a kid friendly design!

Interested in getting in on some family-fun, yoga style? In cities across our country, The Yoga Expo has made it their mission to bring the love of Yoga to people of all ages, from beginners to experts and now includes yoga for kids too. Check out all the fun this expo is providing for the kiddie crowd, and keep your fingers crossed for an event in your area!


Courtesy of YouTube/Namaste Kid

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