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The First 12 Days of Preschool: Reading, Singing, and Dancing Can Prepare Kiddos and Parents!

1, 2, 3 ... who will count with me?

Preschool is a big step, for kids and parents alike, but getting prepared can be just as fun as your family's new adventure will be! The First 12 Days of Preschool invites you to join new animal friends as they learn valuable preschool lessons in an irresistible sing-along book by 25-year veteran educator (and smile creator) Jeanette Crystal Bradley.

Captivating and colorful illustrations will encourage helpful and exciting conversations like:
Do animals like to take naps at school?
Can cats become superheroes?
Which hand does an octopus write with?

The charmingly brilliant combination of pictures, words, and music will stay with your kiddo throughout the day, and with each read ( or song and dance solo if that's their thing!) they'll feel more prepared for everything new and exciting that's coming their way! The First 12 Days of Preschool also supports the Olivia Hudson Foundation, which funds pediatric brain cancer research, helps families in financial need, and increases awareness of brain cancer in children. Copies of the book will be donated to hospitals treating children and supporting families.

Never stop exploring! Visit to learn more about your new animal friends and other fun activities perfect for preschool and beyond.

For nearly 25 years, Jeanette Crystal Bradley’s youthful spirit and playful demeanor have connected her with preschool children in enjoyable and distinctive ways. Her hard work and dedication to bringing a new level of excitement into the classroom by adding animal fun to the learning experience help fulfill her goal of delivering joy and smiles into the world.

Jeanette brings this same passion to her writing, singing, and pursuit of higher education. She is the Director of a corporate preschool in San Diego, California.

The First 12 Days of Preschool
Jeanette Crystal Bradley, Author

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