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Family Games America FGA Inc., the gift game and puzzle people since 1987, introduces you to a whole new range of products including 16 enchanting and mystical Arts and Craft kits for the Tween/Teen market.


Aimed at promoting “Girl Power”, each kit sparks imagination, creativity and self-esteem in each and every participant when they partake in Activity Sketch Books, Dream CatchersMagic WatercolorCharm BraceletMilky Way Bead Set and the super popular Pampered Body & Mind Spa Set. The delightful Nebulia, Petulia and Marinia characters accompany and explain details to players as they delve into this magical and colorful world of art.

With quite a few arts & craft kits already out there in the market, most kits are aimed at children of a younger age group. With this enchanting line of Nebulous Stars, the artwork, packaging and content respects and speaks to the slightly older teen and pre-teens who are more into Harry Potter-ish, slightly mythical television programs, films, characters and books.

Each kits is jam-packed with product that pertains to the kit title, beit markers, stickers, glow ink, beads, stones, tools, stencils, nail and body tattoos, foil, glitter, gems, canvas, gel pens, transfers, paintbrushes, paint, feathers, wish jars, crystal pendants, ribbon, elastic, foot bath, flip flops, bath bombs, nail polish…


Allow for personal time, personal growth, and proud results. Quadrilingual packaging

The perfect rainy day pass time.

Available exclusively in the USA through Family Games America FGA Inc. 

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