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The Importance of 1:1 Time with Your Kids (Plus Date Ideas!)

by Rebecca Eanes


Simple and quick ways to rock quality time:

  • Choose a good novel, and read a chapter or two together every evening. 
  • Embrace that car ride to practice by turning off the music and turning up the conversation. Nothing heavy though. Start by talking about their interests.
  • Turn up the mushy love stuff. Give extra cuddles and forehead kisses. Tell them you love them a few more times a day. Point out things they’re doing well. Tell them positive affirmations more frequently, such as “I’m so glad I’m your mom.” Plenty of studies have shown the importance of parental warmth!
  • Laugh and be silly together. I know it’s difficult to be cheerful when you’re stressed, but if you can find ways to manage your own stress levels and become more playful, you and your child will reap the benefits.


But, let’s say, you do find an extra hour this week and you want to do something special with your kiddo. Here are 15 parent-child date ideas!

  1. Going out for ice-cream or dessert is so much fun, but with COVID-19 still raging, perhaps a safer option is to pick up sundae ingredients from the store and make them together in your kitchen. Setting up your own sundae bar is a super cool way to spend an evening, after all.
  2. Take a walk or hike together. Nothing is as soothing to the soul as time in nature.
  3. Tackle a project, like building a big LEGO set together or putting together a puzzle.
  4. Make pottery! As it turns out, pottery making comes with it’s own benefits, such as tactile gratification, self-expression, and releasing negative emotions!
  5. Head to a local lake for a bit of fishing and duck feeding. 
  6. Take an arts and crafts class with your kid. It’s a great bonding experience and you’ll both learn some new skills!
  7. Visit a local coffee shop. Perhaps a white chocolate mocha for you and a hot cocoa for your little one? The atmosphere of coffee shops is the perfect place for quiet, intimate conversation.
  8. Surprise her by taking her out for breakfast. Pancakes, anyone?
  9. Visit your local shelter and play with the animals. The cats and dogs would love the attention!
  10. Visit thrift stores or antique shops and pick out a special treasure.
  11. Have a spa day! Manicures, pedicures, and hair - oh my!
  12. Attend a play or live performance.
  13. Visit a local museum, zoo, aquarium, or planetarium! 
  14. Head to your local bakery and pick out some delicious treats. Then go to the park to eat them.
  15. Take your child to a place that was important to you in your childhood.
Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


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