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The Importance of Balancing Extracurricular Activities Between Sports and the Arts

by Deborah Song

Extracurricular activities are particularly important this electronics-driven day and age. They teach our kids how to collaborate, socialize, manage time, de-stress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle and build confidence. Studies have also shown that children involved in extracurricular activities tend to have better academics than children who spend free time using electronics and avoiding social situations.


So which extra-curricular activities do you help your child pursue? While it may be tempting to go all in on one activity or area, it’s important for kids to strike a well-rounded balance to reap optimal benefits. The different advantages of extracurricular activities vary as wide as their offerings. Here, we focus on the benefits of sports and the arts. The combination the more “hard skills” and “soft skills” are sure to provide a well-rounded development.


The Benefits of Sports


  1. Team collaboration. How well you thrive in social and occupational settings later in life will depend on how well you work with others. One of the main benefits of team sports is that they teach a child the value of teamwork.
  2. Physical exercise. Getting the right amount of exercise is critical for kids. Not only does it enhance overall health, both mental and physical, but exercise is a great stress outlet, especially for little ones who may not always understand what is bothering them.
  3. Enhance communication skills. Team sports in particular places kids in social situations where they need to express themselves. As a result, they learn to communicate better, often in situations where emotions are heightened.
  4. Learn to lose. Life doesn’t always go our way. And learning to persist despite disappointment teaches grit, one of the most important characteristics that can ensure a child’s success and happiness in life.
  5. Build confidence. Kids don’t gain confidence by being told how great they are. They develop self-confidence when they learn more about themselves and their abilities. One thing that sports can teach a child is that the more they try, the better they get. They’ll also learn essential life skills like having good sportsmanship, learning to be happy for others, and encouraging teammates.
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