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The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother or Sister

Hurray! You’re having another baby! Get your school-aged kids excited about the new addition with a book that truly involves the big brother or sister in the pregnancy.

“Making Me” is written from the baby’s point of view to the older sibling and narrates the daily changes taking place as the unborn baby develops from a single cell into a full human being. Your kids will have fun learning when the baby’s heart beats for the first time, when he can open his eyes, or when he’s the size of a hotdog.

‘Making Me’ is 286 pages (1 page per day of your pregnancy). Each page contains:

  • A place to write in today's date
  • A bit of information on what is happening to the baby today - all written 'from' the baby to the big brother or sister
  • A simple, related activity for the sibling to do (color, measure, weigh, count, journal, etc.)
  • A racetrack to visually count down the days to mom's due date – no more “How much longer?” questions

Bonus features Include:

  • 4 colored pencils to help the sibling write, color, and draw
  • The 24-inch "Mighty Measuring Tape" to track how big baby has grown

Sample Activities:

  • Pick up a box of butter to see how heavy that is (when the baby weighs one pound)
  • Color the picture of a heart red (when the baby’s heart beats for the first time)
  • Use the measuring tape to find a household object that that is 3” long (when the baby is 3 inches long)
  • Try to pick up a pencil with your toes (when the baby’s toes are developing)
  • Journaling questions for the sibling such as ‘what are your 3 favorite foods?’ ‘what color are your eyes?’ or ‘what is the last dream you remember?’.

Whether you use it as a fun bedtime routine or a homeschool unit, involving the older sibling has been shown to create excitement and love for the new family member.

Perfect for large families, blended families, or any family with a 4+ year difference in their children's ages. Grandparents find it a great way to connect with their grandchildren as well – it can even be done together virtually.

Pediatrician and Child Psychologist endorsed! Two Time Award Winner! 


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