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TorahLine Game for Passover

What are you doing to make your Passover more fun this year?

“As the father of four kids, I was looking for a way to make learning the Passover just as fun as playing a video game or watching a movie,” says Akiva Coughlin, Founder, 613 Games. “To appeal to kids’ short attention spans, I knew I had to create something captivating, quick, and visual to help kids learn the events from the Exodus.”The TorahLine game provides fun learning in a quick 15-minute game format. As you play the game you naturally read verses and put them in order. You learn the narrative without even trying. Each game is packed with 100 cards, 54 tokens, 6 overview cards, and over 10 different ways to play. This provides hours of fun for ages eight and up. The Exodus from Egypt version covers the events from the enslavement in Egypt to the 10 plagues to the first Passover to the eventual freedom from Egypt.

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