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Ways to Build a Tree House

Here are 5 DIY ways to build a tree house. You and your children will build great memories while building your own and it'll be a rewarding project!

Follow the steps and get inspiration for your kid's tree house. If you add a climbing wall, swing rope, and slide it will double as a play-set encouraging a healthy lifestyle in your children.


When you build a tree house for your kids, remember to add a drop down ladder. It'll create a safe zone feeling for your kids. This man included his children in the process, by showing them sketches and models of it before it was finished. 

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Do you live in town or in a small yard surrounded by trees? It doesn't matter where you live, because it's so easy to build a tree house even in a place with limited trees. This dad made one with his kids in their yard. Make one with your kids in yours.


Be sure to ask your kids what kind of tree house they want and also what kind of accessories they might like on it, like: a slide, swings, and a tire climbing area.

You can tie a rope around a wicker basket and use it as an elevator to transport things from the bottom to the top. Here are step-by-step instructions for building this one.

Having your kids help you make a tree house will build memories, lasting forever! It will also build skills in your children as well as teaching them something new.

We hope that these DIY ways to build a tree house have inspired you to make one with your kids this summer. Your whole family will enjoy spending time together making it as well as the many hours of play that it will offer for years to come.

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