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What Kids Learn from Collections

My kids love to collect everything from rocks to stickers. They bring my kids joy and entertainment but they also seem to take up space and collect dust. Are there benefits to encouraging the kids to collect items? While these treasures seem like garbage to me, they can be a great opportunity for kids to research and learn about things that interest them and experience the world around them. Here are some great reasons to encourage your child’s collection.


Teaches responsibility

Kids who collect items will need to learn to be responsible for them. They will sort, take care, and find creative ways to display the things they are interested in. They will need to make sure they are well cared for and stored correctly so they don’t get lost or broken.This will help them learn responsibility and organization. casino siteleri

Experience the world around them

Kids who collect items are more likely to spend time reading about, sorting, and discussing their collections. As kids learn about and research their collections they will experience the world around them. While collecting rocks, kids will learn about science. While researching stamps or coins they will learn about history. A leaf or shell collection will teach them about nature and a baseball card collection teaches them about sports and math as they study and compare statistics.

Shared experience

Kids who collect items can bond with others who share similar interests.This can help start friendships because you are already building on common ground. There may even be conventions kids can attend to explore, purchase, and meet others who are interested in the same collector’s items that they are. This will help them build social skills, meet new people, and build new relationships.

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