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What’s the Rush?: Toddlers

Part 2
by Brittany Ferrell

Sometimes as a parent you feel this pressure to be the “perfect parent”. Okay, maybe not sometimes…all the time. Sometimes this pressure comes from within because you want to be the best version of yourself for your child. Sometimes this pressure comes from external forces (i.e. your mommy playgroup) and you may start feeling inferior. I say, do not listen to those outside voices. Trust yourself and do not rush what could be the best time in your entire life…your baby’s childhood.

In my previous article we touched on Rush #1: The Race to Sleep Through the Night and Rush #2: The Race to Go Mobile. Here are 3 more milestones to consider.

Rush #3: The Race to Go Vocal

I am a teacher. It is not only my profession; it is who I am. I was reading to my daughter and talking to her from the very moment I realized she was growing in my belly. Building your child’s vocabulary and knowledge of language is very important, but it also cannot be rushed. It can, however, be cultivated like a beautiful flower.

You plant seeds by reading to your child and simply carrying on conversations with your child, even in infancy. Allow your internal monologue to become external, so your child hears what language sounds like. Play music and sing loudly and off key. You will be astounded as to what your child picks up.

I have found the use of sign language to be extremely successful. However, whenever I make a sign for a particular word, I also say the word aloud. My daughter currently has a much more extensive sign language vocabulary than an oral vocabulary, but she has the confidence to attempt saying words aloud because she knows she can still make her thoughts and feelings clear with sign language.

If you are raising your child in a bilingual household, do not think that you are confusing your child by teaching him/her the names of objects in more than one language. Knowledge of multiple languages is great for brain development! Your child will most likely use the word that is easiest to say, despite the language, and that is okay. Those little sponges are absorbing every word that is spoken!

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