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Yarr Harr! is a super fun, family friendly, award winning, ship building card game fun for all ages. 

Yarr Harr! was created by a mom to three awesome kids. They helped her with initial play testing and have kid approved it. Yarr Harr is an easy-to-learn, fast paced, light strategy ship building card game that is fun for all ages. You can play with 2-6 players and expect a game to last about 15-30 minutes.

In addition to the Ship Building and Action Cards, Yarr Harr comes with optional gameplay components like Captain and Objective cards that add new unique ways to play and extra chances to earn doubloons! The race is on to build the biggest ship worth the most doubloons. However, just because your ship is the biggest, doesn’t mean it's worth the most.

Be prepared to defend your ship from Cannon Balls, Traitors, Pirate Raids and more! While mounting your defense, dispatch your own dastardly deeds against your opponents ships to secure your victory. Prepare to talk like a pirate, hold your finger in a hook and even announce your departure to a certain ‘deck’ we shall not name here. Embark on this epic journey across the high seas with Yarr Harr!


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