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2015 Awards Program Nominees

by Hasbro, Inc.
Whether its PLAY-DOH pizza or a crazy blueberry pie, kids can press out their favorite dishes. This electronic oven has real red and white lights that pretend to a cook little ones favorite dishes.
Hasbro, Inc.
(401) 727-5546

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The product itself is nice, the colors are so bright. It would be cool if it were to be more realistic but the design definitely grabs kids attention which I love.
What a unique way to show kids what cooking is like and maybe some dangers of cooking. They can also be super creative and find inspiration for a future career!
The colors are so bright and eye catching. The design is also adorable. The kids could play with this for hours!
What a great idea! This cute little kitchen is adorable for girls and boys. It makes for a great learning game on how to cook and how cooking can be hard sometimes or dangerous. This is a great learning and creative game for kids!
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