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Rody Max
by Toymarketing Intl, Inc.
Rody Max is a favorite with children and adults. It is the same as our popular Rody Horse, but for kids and adults (ages 5 years and up) and is used to learn balance and coordination while hopping on their Rody.
Toymarketing Intl, Inc.
(800) 496-6427

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I am an pediatric occupational therapist and I work with young kids with delays in a small clinic. We work with kids in small groups and we LOVE Rody! Using these for relay games it works on strengthening core muscle groups, motor planning and balance plus provides great sensory feedback as they bounce across the room!! We can never have enough Rody's !! We use the small ones for our 2-3 year olds and the larger ones for our 4-6 year olds and it is a favorite activity!
Great fun for all ages. A good toy to have in the house for parties or just playtime.
My kids have so much fun on these! Very durable and can hold adults too. Huge hit with kids who visit our home.
Love this larger size. This is a great toy for my kids of all ages.
This is great that it is made for my larger children. Mo worrying about the smaller version being broken. Great colorful design.
Fun! Fun! My 3 year old loves the original Rody and now we can play too!-AG
The Rody Max is awesome. It is a larger version of the smaller horse. My child has this horse and loves it. This toy is even strong enough to have an adult bound on it.
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