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Dish the Dirt Dish Liquid
by Live for Tomorrow (brand owned by LFT Group Brands Ltd)
Live for Tomorrow "Dish the Dirt" dish liquid's 2x concentrated, non-toxic, plant and mineral based formulation tackles grease-laden dishes. No drippy squeeze bottle mess, just pump directly into the sink or onto a sponge.
Live for Tomorrow (brand owned by LFT Group Brands Ltd)

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I love the packaging, the label is colorful and modern, catches my eye. The product smells nice and i love that it's non toxic and is mineral based!
Its non toxic and gets tough stains and hard foods off! That seems perfect! The bottle is large and has a nice durable feel to it.
My favorite thing about this soap, besides its powerful cleaning ability, is the pump...I don't have to pickup the bottle with my greasy hands to pour the soap onto the dishes or onto the sponge. Plus the stainless steel bottle looks nice in my kitchen!
This is a great natural soap with a nice scent. I'm comforted knowing I can wash my dishes without chemicals being left behind for future food use. It removes the toughest grease. When choosing to use all natural products for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry this is a must add to the household cleaning arsena
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