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Clean Mitts Hand Soap
by Live for Tomorrow (brand owned by LFT Group Brands Ltd)
Clean your hands and relax your mind with Live for Tomorrow "Clean Mitts" hand soap in Lavender. Our perfectly balanced, plant & mineral based formulation, with 100% pure essential oils, is soft, subtle and *sigh* worthy.
Live for Tomorrow (brand owned by LFT Group Brands Ltd)

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The bottle is a high quality packaging feel. Its not plastic and seems to even be reusable! The natural smell is great and has a great feel to it when using it.
The smell is great! It is a large bottle for hand soaps so you get a lot of product! The soap suds up a little bit just enough to feel fresh and clean.
This soap leaves my hands feeling soothed and soft instead of parched and cracked like other hand soaps. The smell is mild and pleasant, not overpowering at all. It's a large bottle so it will last a long time!
I wash my hands constantly throughout the day, and this soap doesn't leave your hands dry. Smells really nice.
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