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Dilly's Tree House (TM)
by Robert-Leslie Publishing
Dilly’s Tree House ™ is a subscription-based program for children ages 3-6, designed to engage families in fun, interactive experiences that build skills in key learning domains, including language, literacy, science, math, engineering, technology, health and safety, the arts, social-emotional, and physical development. The focus is on learning through play, curiosity, exploration, discovery, creativity, investigation, and reflection. Children use their imagination and critical thinking skills to create art, to read and interact with stories and characters, to ask questions, and to solve problems. Little InvestiGators in Dilly’s Tree House sing, dance, play, pretend, scribble, chat, giggle, and share. The Curiosity Bag entices children to collect and investigate interesting objects in their environment, both indoors and out. These items become prompts for asking questions, having conversations, and searching for answers through experiments, on the Internet, in books, and in the community. “Where does this come from? Why is it smooth? What would happen if. . ?” Through the investigation process, children build positive, healthy relationships with family, peers, and community. They create works of art, invent, build, and make patterns and graphs. Story Cards and Story Shapers engage children in mindful learning as they interact, predict outcomes, and make up their own story endings. Families are treated to hundreds of activities and resources in the Tree House boxes and at
Robert-Leslie Publishing
(773) 935-8358

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Love this idea to keep both mom and dad and children involved and teaches children positive behaviors
Great idea! I love the fact that the child gets a box in the mail and that mom or dad is encouraged to interact and have fun in the learning process with the music and list of activities that are suggested with their little one. The soft toy is very cute too!! rl
This is a great way to reinforce positive behavior in kids. Love the size. cp
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