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2015 Awards Program Nominees

by MindWare
When it comes to building blocks for kids, parents know: what goes up, must come down! Get ready for explosive fun with this build-it-up, blow-it-up block set. Super soft, foam building blocks in an array of shapes, sizes and colors are stacked on the special platform to create crazy architectural feats. The higher the better! Simply jump onto the stomp pad to blast the structure apart. This kit has it all. Thinking, building, experimenting plus physical activity to boot!
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I love any toy that will create a sense of love for learning. My kids love to build things and knock them down this just adds a fun new way to destroy what they built and start over again. This is a great toy!
I used to be a preschool teacher all a lot for the preschool "fights" that I had to break up were kids destroying each others block structures. For some reason it is so fun to watch everything fall apart. Now, with KaBlocks this always you to do exactly that! I can see why children would love this and help keep them entertained.
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