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Super Kid In Training
by MindWare
Every child can become the hero of their imagination with this action-packed obstacle course. Each station builds super skills like strength and agility, and includes props like a lightning bolt and secret identity mask.
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It would be fun game to get kids to be active and get up and play. It lets them dress up how they want.
What a great way to get children up and moving and who doesn't want to be super. I am instantly drawn to the photos on the packaging. I liked that kids have to do physical activities and use items included right in the kit.
I love this game. I think it would appeal to 2 and older. My 3 year old would love to dress up and try leaping and tumbling. And as a mom of girls I really appreciate a game that encourages them to be super heroes as an alternative to princesses. I also like that this is marketed to boys AND girls. And that there are kids of color included in the materials. I also like that this game encourages movement and exercise, maybe include fun facts about movement? Including two different colored capes and masks would be nice. I think kids will like the capes best.
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