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Quick Pickle
by MindWare
This fast-paced, family-friendly card game has you tossing toppings and collecting pickles as you complete categories, hold your nose or cover your mustard mouth! Flip a card and be quick to react to keep your pickle stash!
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Super cute package. Great variety of strategy and activities in the game. Good game for many ages.
I like the concept of this game and that its easy to get started—its a good learn as you go game so you dont have the spend lots of time reading before starting. I like that its portable and you could play anywhere (plane, hotel, park, car...)
Very creative and fun game. I like that the cards are thicker and love the Velcro closure
Once reading the back of the box it seems like a fun game that would be fun to play with family and friends. Also seems to help with learning some things such as rhyming. I really like the velcro on the box to keep it together.
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