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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Marvel Inflate-a-hero
by DGL Group Ltd.
Unbox, inflate, play & display! Then store and take anywhere as you are able to deflate and inflate again & again. You're sure to be your little ones Hero when you bring home an adorable collectible plush Inflate-a-hero!
DGL Group Ltd.

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Your child will have a wonderful time playing with his favorite heroe.
The packaging is colorful and attracting to children. The product is made of a soft material.
The variety of characters is great to choose from. My children would love this!
My 3 year old son would absolutely enjoy having an inflatable avengers character the same size as him to play with.
This inflatable standing plush is great for every day play. There are many characters to choose from.
Inflatable fun! Perfect addition to our little avengers in our own home. Every adventure will be different and exciting. And the Black Panther is so very poplular right now.
That it blows up to think height is my 3 year old which he would love
I like that you can delflate tihs when they arent using it it can be put awat. These are really cute. I love all the characters.
With these characters being so popular this is a great idea. It allows the kids to make up their own diolague.
My children, who are older, love Avengers heroes and this inflate a hero is a perfect present for children older than 3. Fun fun fun
I love that it is compact for storage can inflate it when your child wants to play with it and then deflate when they are done. Cute Black panther details too.
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