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"Dirt Happens" Liquid Laundry Detergent
by Live for Tomorrow (Brand Owned by LFT Group Brands Ltd)
Small bottle - Big results. Our coconut based, and 8x concentrate, liquid laundry detergent delivers results you can rely upon... and 50 loads! Our Lavender formula is soft and subtle, using only 100% pure essential oils.
Live for Tomorrow (Brand Owned by LFT Group Brands Ltd)

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Unusual packaging for laundry detergent but i like it, also like the notes of it being not tested on animals,, could reuse for hand soap, which would cut down even more on litter
I really like the positive things are listed immediately on the back in an easy to read format. The stainless steel bottle is desirable, as well as the pumping action. The easy to read guide on how to use on the back is nice. I could see this being an item I would buy over and over.
For such a small bottle its does 50 loads i think thats great
The product is small and convenient. It can be used for up to 50 loads.
Soft and love the head rest
Packaging is beautiful; like the head support and foam backing (haven't seen that in a swaddle before)
Like the back and head padding
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