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Bee a Time Keeper
by Bee a Time Keeper
The "Bee A Time Keeper ®" clock teaches children to "see and feel the passage of time" which helps them become better self managers and improve transition expectations. Beneficial for children ages 3-9 at home and school.
Bee a Time Keeper
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Stimulates adventure, a child and parent can go outside and look for the picture displayed next to the time.
Clock images are colorful, cute and will appeal to kids.
Very colorful clock like that a battery is included with the product.
The colors and insects are helpful to start to learn more about telling time. I also like the bee and snail on the hour and minute hands. This is a great tool for learning to tell time.
Fun colors and pictures will draw children's eyes to the clock. The bee and snail designators on the minute and hour hands will reinforce the different motions of the clock hands and create easy reference points
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