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Blow bubbles big as you! Blow bubbles big as whales! This is the original giant bubble loop that started the world-wide giant bubble sport of today. Huge gigantic monstrous bubble fun! Easy! Draws crowds! Ages 6 to 96.
Bubble Thing
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I used to have this as a kid and have been looking for it everywhere! My kids would have a blast with this! Traditional bubbles have lost their appeal with my children, and this would be a welcomed new toy. Very cool! Fun for Mom and Dad too! -SB
Who doesn't love bubbles? Way too much fun will be had by adults and kids with this bubble wand. It is well made and will make the biggest bubbles ever! rl
My kids love bubbles! The bigger the better! Life-sized, the best! - JE
Who doesn't like bubbles, especially large bubbles? I would recommend this to anyone who has a child. V.M.
This wonderful bubble creator is ideal for the entire family!! It's a joy to look at in the package! Who wouldn't want to make the largest bubble! Excellent idea! NLH
Possibilities are endless with this Bubble Thing! Fun for ALL ages. This will keep people entertained for awhile! -kh
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