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SmartCore 6
by OWI Inc.
OWI, Inc. - Take control of land and sky with SmartCore 6 . This kit features 6 separate models: three land vehicles (Tank, Gyrobot, Trike), and three sky vehicles (Turboprop, Drone, Hovercraft). With forty-six easy to snap together parts, tomorrows innovators will learn the STEAM principals associated with physics, aerodynamics, and electronics when they build and remix SmartCore 6.
OWI Inc.

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6 toys in one is a major plus. Stimulates the engineer creatives with fun and interesting vehicles.
This kit is awesome and to put together a plane yourself.
I like that you can build multiple different vehicles in this kit and they can be stored easily back in this box. I like how the instructions include visuals and that all the different things that can be built have less then 10 steps. I like that their are tips for best success in the instructions. I also like that if you want to extend or need more parts they can be ordered and the toy can still be used. Kids love things that they can manipulate and control. I love how the QR code takes you to a youtube video to explain what is in the kit and how it is used.
Very cool kit to build the vehicle of your coice. The best part is that you can build over and over again! I also love that the packaging is entirely recyclable. The best toys are the ones that encourage thinking and learning!
Wonderful product for kids to build and gain confidence in their engineering skills. 6 different models will create hours of educational fun!
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