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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Holo Unicorn Vendees
by Horizon Group USA
Vendees are surprise style dispensers that include 6 fun surprises, revealed through interactive packaging! Once you've revealed the surprises, paint & decorate an adorable plaster unicorn figurine.
Horizon Group USA

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This seems like it would be loads of fun for a few sisters, girls at a sleepover, or just a girl on her own. The whole process seems like fun from start to finish.
I like that there is different options for decorations. I also like that the box is usable for the dispenser.
My daughter would love this. I like that is shows you part of what come in it and leaves the rest as the surprise elment. I like that is also tells parents what's inside so you know what you are buying.
Exciting packaging with lots of surprises! The hidden treasure are fun and the paintable figure is fun and fosters creativity!
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