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Snowballs for Severance
The Terrifically True Story of Dane Best and the Snowball Ban.His latest book, "Snowballs For Severance" is a #1 New Release, and continues to grow nationwide.

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This is a cool, TRUE story about how a nine year old boy was able to get some laws changed in his town. I like how it talks about real things that were going through his little mind. Inspirational!
What a cool story I love how it included dan's photo explaining that it was a true story. Very neat!
A great true story about a 9-year-old boy who made a change! Would be a great book to read in school and teaches a child they can do anything if they put their mind to it!
I love that there is information about the boy who inspired the story.
I love that this is a true story, and how it shows kids they have the power to make meaningful change in the world. Plus, what kid doesn't like to throw snowballs?
Cute book about a boy who decided to make a change in his own city.
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