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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Tantrum Fix
by Tantrum Fix
Tantrum Fix is a comprehensive approach to gently tame meltdowns and teach young children how to self-regulate their emotions using a specialized, portable kit.
Tantrum Fix

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Great packing and to help a child with their big emotions. Love the idea, comes with a bunch of toys that are inline with the theme of handling emotions.
I love the idea of having a cute box full of goodies for a little child to play with. Having a variety of things is really a neat idea.
Everything in a box to get the conversation going about emotions is such a great concept. I love the cards and tools given. The soft lamb with blanket is great as well as things to distract.
Well curated package of tools to help teach a child how to help to regulate themselves during a fit.
Everything in one box. Puts a lot of tools and techniques, along w/ materials - at a parents' fingertips.
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