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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Language Together Set 1
by Germaine Choe
Language Together Set 1 is a confidence-inspiring set of first readers for children ages 3 to 8 beginning to learn a new language. Developed with teachers, the Spot Color Immersion Method combines picture cues, simple sentences, humor, repetition and a story-based approach. Set 1 introduces the building blocks of language, with each reader focusing on a theme: Family, Animals, Clothing, Colors, Face/Body, Fruit, Numbers, Shapes, Snacks, Toys. Winner of the Brain Child Award, Academics Choice Award, and Moms Choice Award.
Germaine Choe

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Great for beginners who are ready to learn. It takes you through steps so they can build up to reading and speaking...a sure way to build a child's confidence!
The packaging is bright and the images are fun, making it enticing to young kids who maybe have to learn a second language.
The perfect learning tool for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language.
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