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by Plus Up, LLC
Goodtimer is the world's first habit-forming, educational toy backed by neuroscience, that encourages kids to form awesome habits using positivity, tangible incentives, and family participation.
Plus Up, LLC
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This is a great product to take on vacation. Sometimes when traveling we do experience a bit of chaos. The Goodtimer will really help keep us all on the same page especially when it's time to go to bed.
I like how it really brings the entire family together to participate in this positive incentive based program. It is very comprehensive and best of works! My kids really have taken to the idea of the token incentives.
With the pandemic still requiring us to spend so much time at home, Goodtimer has come to the rescue. It is amazing!
I found "the Clockmaker's Creation" book to be very helpful. At first my kids were not sure what to make of this system but the book clarified everything and my kids were all on board. It is a wonderful concept!
I really like the quality of this product. Goodtimer is very well made and I really love the design. It is easy to use and I particularly like the tokens that work as an incentive. I would recommend this product to any parent.
I really love this concept. Instead of all the yelling and negativity that can happen when raising kid, Goodtimer's positive incentive-based way of encouraging better behavior really works. I tried it with my son and it really works.
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