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The Middle of the Night Book
by Parent Differently Books
Settle down for bedtime with this book that helps children fall to sleep using the structure of a body scan meditation. Teaches early mindfulness to babies and toddlers. Features diverse children and families.
Parent Differently Books
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This is a beautiful board book with a great diversity of characters on the pages. The images are relaxing, yet can be used to encourage beginning counting and reading. This illustrations are well designed.
This book is the way to count sheep. There are points in the book that are made for you to pause for silence, let your child get sleepy. Perfect last book for bed to use as a helpful tool
The story would help your child relax and go to sleep. The illustrations are simple and cute.
The color palette and illustrations are beautiful and relaxing. This is a perfect bedtime story for a newborn or very young toddler. The art is fantastic and the book itself is pleasing in every way (colors, weight, shape, texture, story). I wish I had this book when my daughter was younger.
Such a cute and informative book! Trough story, it gives you the steps on how to guide your baby through meditation.
The body scan meditation concept that is incorporated in the book really does help get your little one to go back to sleep. It definitely worked for me.
I really like the design of this board book. The illustrations are wonderful. It's a must-have.
I absolutely love this book. It is the perfect tool for helping your little one go back to sleep. I highly recommend it for every parent with a baby or toddler.
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