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Octacog and Octacog Expansion Pack
by Cog Toy Company, LLC
Octacog is a STEM toy and game that's all about the physics of balance. Design and build countless contraptions. Many will balance. Many will not. Play a game that defies gravity or build a mind-bending balanced creation.
Cog Toy Company, LLC
(469) 304-6939

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I highly recommend this toy/game for every child. It is very well designed and it is also very educational. My son played it for hours.
I love how creative this product is. Kids can spend countless hours coming up with many different balance designs. Great for learning. Excellent STEM toy (game).
This STEM toy and game is a great way to teach the laws of physics as it relates to balance. My kids played it and came up with several designs. They really loved it!
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