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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Kids Create Absurdity
by Novelties Wholesale Inc
A super fun family card game with crazy questions and hilarious answers. Includes many fun twists. Contains age appropriate content for a true family card game experience that you can enjoy playing on Family Game Night.
Novelties Wholesale Inc
(508) 561-5333

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Playing this card game really brings out everyone's creativity. It is easy to play and filled with family fun.
Kids Create Absurdity is a child's version of Cards Against Humanity combined with Mad Libs. It appears to be hilariously fun, and I'm always looking for games that my child can play with the wife and I were ALL of us are having fun simultaneously. I cant wait to bring this game home.
This is a cute game for children! I love the large variety of question and answer cards. This is a funny game that children of all ages will enjoy. I love how it includes random activities for a player to do. It is also wonderful that the game accommodates a large number of players.
This card game is super funny. My daughter would love to play this game with her friends and family. Its the type of card game that would change every time you play it. So creative and fun
This is the clean, family version of cards against humanity. Now we can play with the young ones without having to sensor. Also, let’s the kids be creative.
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