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2015 Awards Program Nominees

by Cristina Lucas
Create your own world with GeoLogic puzzle! A variety of environments in different shapes provide endless unique planet combinations but each challenge has only one solution! Explore 60 beginner-to-expert world challenges.
Cristina Lucas

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I would definitely recommend this 3D puzzle. Your kids will love the challenge and will have fun at the same time. It has an excellent design.
This puzzle is very educational and I like how creative it is. ThinkFun always produces such wonderful creative products and this 3D puzzle is amazing. It is challenging in a fun way. We really enjoyed putting it all together.
This 3D puzzle is a really great concept. The quality is excellent and so well designed. I particularly liked how you can make a variety of unique planet combinations. It is very creative. This would make a great birthday or holiday gift.
I really love this puzzle. It is so creative and the 3D concept is amazing. I reviewed my son put it all together and he really enjoyed the whole process. Great puzzle.
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