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Really?! Think you know me? Guess again!
by Really Fun, Limited Partnership
The hilarious guessing game about you, your friends, and your family! The super fun family board game in a 24oz. tumbler with sparkly ice, colorful dials and surprising question cards with answers to choose and guess from.
Really Fun, Limited Partnership

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Literally a great way to have an ice breaker game. Comes with fake ice cubes to keep score. How well do you know your family and friends? Makes you dig deep to get to know people
What a cute game and conversation starter for the family! I love how the ice pieces are used to tally points instead of traditional methods. There are unique variety of questions that are fun for all ages.
This is a unique game that encourages verbal communication amongst the players. For my 10 year old I'd love for her to play along with a friend and use this communicate better with friends and peers. This game would be great for kids with social anxiety and have trouble with traditional game formats.
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