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Smart Start Beginning Coding Stories and Activities
by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
This dynamic early learning series for PreK-1 helps children learn important coding concepts with engaging audio read-aloud stories and practice activities.
Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
(916) 996-5077

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This is such a great educational book for kids before entering kindergarten. It has a lot of great coding activities that are fun to learn. It is very well designed. I highly recommend it.
This is an excellent learning tool for your pre-k child. It has so many wonderful activities that they will love. The audio read-aloud stories are really enjoyable. I highly recommend this to any family with pre-k level kids.
This book really is amazing. I originally thought that kids this young could never understand concepts such as coding but after reviewing it... I was really impressed. Plus, my Pre-K son loved it. He began looking at the pages and loved the stories and activities.
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