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Super Light Clay for Children
by Ningbo Mideer Network Technology Co., Ltd
The baby is specially used for ultra light clay, which is safe, environmental friendly, free of impurities, no odor, no essence, and multi-layer essence. Scientific research and development of new formula, super ductility. The clay is easily removed from the box. No sticky hands, no traces left on the desktop Soft color and eye protection, pure and complete colors, children can match at will, and their imagination is not limited!
Ningbo Mideer Network Technology Co., Ltd

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I would definitely buy this product for my house. I have three children ranging in age from 5-11 and I know they would all LOVE to play with the colors and the texture of this safe borax free clay! Beautiful bold colors too!
Super cute and fun clay. Can be used for toddlers and older kids for play and sensory. Feels like bubblegum.
Simple and straightforward, this is perfect for a hands on learner. Comes with a few tools to cut and shape clay, instructions to mold your own monster, and tons of colors. Most importantly, it's safe if it goes in the mouth.
The clay is super soft and easy to play with. I love the bright colors that is comes in. I think its a great product and my children would love to play with it.
This is a product that children would have fun creating. The texture of the clay is very soft. I like that it's borax free.
Fun, bright, and a creative way to play! Feels soft and durable. It's not sticky like a lot of clays.
This clay is soft, colorful and safe! Its perfect for my kids! I love that it is borax free and has such a unique texture!
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