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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Tubelox DeulxueSet
by Spark Innovation
TubeLox is a life-sized construction toy that allows kids to use their creativity while designing and building their own play. With this toy, fabricate anything from size-able sturdy structures, to usable cars, homes and rocket ships. Who does not want their kids to play with toys that will awaken the brilliance in them? With TubeLox, kids can apply practical skills and real life application while learning and having a blast. TubeLox is an educationally awakening toy that is fun!
Spark Innovation
(801) 372-4226

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My son was with me during the review and he really thought this product was amazing. I think that any child would really learn a lot building the different constructions. It builds both practical and creative skills.
What a great way to build creativity in children. I really love this product and the quality is excellent! It offers loads of creative play fun.
I really love this construction toy. Kid's will have the opportunity to build multiple different structures which really nurtures their creativity. I highly recommend it!
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