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2015 Awards Program Nominees

by Jooki Inc
Jooki is the favorite 3-to-9 years old educational toy that fosters their imagination with music and storytelling, and helps build the core foundation for their future. Jooki is the only high-quality speaker that gives kids safe, screen-free access to streaming audio content. Grown-ups create playlists from Spotify (or their own MP3) and associate them with a Jooki figurine in a few clicks. Next, kids just place that figurine or token on Jooki to start the playlist or lift it to pause, stop or change.
Jooki Inc
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This is such a cute way for a child to hear stories. I love how interactive the set is. The pieces are large and perfect for little hands to use. The characters are cute and stimulates a child’s imagination. This is a very unique gift and built to last for years.
Fun product to inspire music creativity for the young kids. Highly durable and good quality.
The Jooki is very interesting. The packaging needs a little modification. By looking at the box i wasn't sure what it was. But after opening it up and learning what it was, I think my 6 year old would love it. I like how durable it seems to be for children. I like the fun colors too.
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