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Mindful Moxie Moves Mountains
by Mindfully Anchored, Inc.
Mindful Moxie Moves Mountains, a children's book for grown-ups, tells a story of perspective that transcends age. Through thoughtful, tongue-twisting alliteration, this slyly metaphorical story follows Moxie through a school project where she learns life can look very different depending on the frame through which it is seen. Moxie learns she can make big moves in the world when she starts by moving herself! *10% of all proceeds from the sale of this book go to Mindfully Anchored, Inc., a nonprofit empowering youth through mindfulness.
Mindfully Anchored, Inc.
(410) 330-8474

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I think the message of showing kids that they can do big things in the world by simply getting up and moving themselves is wonderful. Definitely get this story book.
I really enjoyed reading this story. It is great for the classroom and at home. The illustrations are really cute and I love the way it shows perspective to children. It is a "must-have."
I really love the tongue-twisting alliterations that you find throughout this book. It is a wonderful read for you and your kids. I highly recommend it.
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