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2015 Awards Program Nominees

Green Science/Hybrid Crabot
by 4M Industrial Development Limited
This clever hybrid crab crawls along on solar power when the sun is shining. It can also be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.
4M Industrial Development Limited

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The Crabot is very creative robot. Its fun to put together and love that it uses solar power to power it. It teaches your children about solar energy with a robot. So much fun.
What a great item to teach kids about solar power. This crab is fun to build and amazing to watch move from just the sun (or battery when not solar powered).
The Hybrid Crabot is such a neat concept and a great way to learn about solar power. The crabot crawls around using the sun's energy and can also use batteries when there is no sun. This would be such a great activity to do during the summertime that would encourage learning and creativity in a fun way.
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