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Freeze Dance with Chilly
by Blue Orange Games
It is time to freeze dance with Chilly! Listen to the little penguin singing, follow what they say and make sure you freeze when they tell you to! This interactive game will get everybody up and dancing!
Blue Orange Games
(415) 252-0372

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Cute new way to play freeze dance. Perfect for Little Ones that like to dance. Encourages music and movement. It also helps with listening skills with the different songs. Let the dance party start.
Freeze Dance with Chilly seems fun for young kids and is great for getting kids moving. My daughter would love this item as she loves dancing and music. The figure itself is quite durable and very cute. Great packaging and the item looks fun!
What a fun little penguin! Even though these song/games could easily be played with just the song through your phone, kids will love the little penguin.
What a fun game for the whole family! It gets children moving and being creative. I also like that it promotes following directions. This would be great for use at home or in a classroom. The penguin is also very cute and appealing for kids.
I love creative dance. It helps to get wiggles out and children can be silly and have fun.
Chilly is a cute little penguin! You and your kids will have fun playing and dancing together with his fun songs. The best part is when everyone freezes when Chilly says freeze!
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