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Brown Bear & Oofie team up again to discuss a very difficult topic, the death of a loved one. In this book, Brown Bear is crying hysterically about her Mimi (Grandma) passing away. Oofie, who was also close to Mimi, shares the sorrow but comforts Brown Bear throughout the book with different ideas about what happens when a loved one leaves our world. This book is not geared towards any one particular religion. Instead, it provides comfort and inspires the reader to keep an open mind about the possibilities of what happens to us once we depart.
Masami S.C. Books

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This story will help kids understand loss. It's what they need to hear: not too much, but just enough.
This book brings children some kind of understanding as they grow up without their important person.
A good book for kids if they loose a loved one. Very easy to read and understand for younger kids.
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