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Banban's Bath Play Set
by Zebra Education Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Banban's Bath Play Set is a unique bath toy designed for kids aged 1 to 2. Some children are afraid of water when taking a bath, and these toys can help divert their attention and diminish their fear of water. The set comprises floating figures, a four-piece lighthouse, and a tiny island, creating a seaside water scene. The pieces can be stacked and combined with the island to form a lighthouse. When not in use, all parts fit into a lighthouse element convenient for draining and storing.
Zebra Education Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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It's the new highlight of our bathtime fun. Great toy! Get it for your kids. They will love it!
I just tried this wonderful bath toy with my child. She really loved it. I would definitely recommend this to any family the little ones.
I love the design of this product. It's so colorful and fun for kids.
This is a wonderful bathtime fun toy that really provides creative play fun for your child.
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