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To Be Or Knot To Be
by Melanie Burgess Books LLC
This is a humorous tale of two flamingos who face the dilemma of becoming tied in a knot. This sends them on a quest through the Florida Everglades, searching for someone to help. The story is filled with fun facts about the habitats in the Everglades. There are additional Everglades facts at the end of the book, along with a habitat hunt. The story, told in rhyme, makes it suitable for bedtime reading out loud--the rhyme structure will also help children to remember the storyline and to learn to read it themselves.
Melanie Burgess Books LLC
(304) 790-0404

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Love the cover art and illustrations.
This book is a fun read filled with facts about wonderful creatures!
This cute story will expose young children to what creatures live in the Everglades. It is a wonderful story with good illustrations, love the flamingos.
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