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EZ Doez It !
by EZ Doez It!
EZ DOEZ IT! line of products is inspired by a mom of twins and child care provider for over 25 years. Seeing children go to the hospital because of chemical burns caused by toxins in disposables led to the invention of EZ Trainers and EZ Pants. EZ Trainers are organic, snappable and washable underwear. EZ Pants are toddler pants with a waterproof inner liner. This back-to-basics approach allows toddlers to feel when they are wet, making them want to use the potty more often, which will cause less skin irritation and save our environment from loads of waste that take hundreds of years to decompose.
EZ Doez It!

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These pants are so smart! Great for my toddlers and young children. Very effective in combination with a liner for potty training and accidents. They seem leak proof.
Put these pants on over your child's regular underwear to add an extra layer of protection. Rather than puddles on the floor and wet socks after an accident, you will just have small wet spots on the pants.
Great for children who have accidents at nap time. They are strong enough, comfortable and easy to clean.
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