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Storypod Starter Set
by Craftie Fox Inc.
With Storypod ($99.99 at or Amazon), the award-winning audio system that engages kids with multi-sensory stories, music and skill-building, kids can hear age-appropriate audio from breakfast to bedtime!
Craftie Fox Inc.
(844) 958-1717

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I really like how interactive this product is. It's really great for the whole family. I also really love the design.
This storytelling product is amazing! The design is wonderful. I really like how as my children get older the product will continue to grow with them. It also would be very handy to take along for family travel.
This is a wonderful educational learning toy. My daughter and son both checked it out during the review and they loved it right away. It was easy to operate. If you're looking for something to take a long trips to help soothe or relax your's your answer. I highly recommend it!
If you're looking for something to get your children off their screens this is the answer. They are definitely going to love this product. The quality is excellent and I really love the design.
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