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17 engaging and entertaining songs written and performed by Steve Megaw encourage better behavior and teach basic social skills without kids thinking it’s educational. There’s sing-a-long fun for home or classroom. Parents, grandparents, and educators rave about the positive messages of Cool Kind Kid. Through these original songs, kids learn that the “kind” kid is the “cool” kid, not the bully.

This CD is the centerpiece of Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind Kid” Social Skills and Character Values educational materials. By itself, it is the fun way to teach kids manners. The creator of Tanner’s Manners commissioned this CD with content from the educational materials; each of the 17 songs teaches a different social skill. When learned at an early age, these skills become the good habits that last a lifetime. Recent research is supporting the need for social skills training to build kids' confidence, self-esteem, and successful futures.

Kids are confronted on a daily basis in their neighborhoods, at school, and on TV with role models sending the message that the unkind, disrespectful person is cool. Parents, educators, community leaders, and the responsible media need to equip kids to avoid this trap. We need to work together to help kids resist the deception that rude, unkind, and disrespectful behavior is cool. This is especially true for addressing bullying, which is the ultimate in “uncool.” We need to give kids the tools they need to resist bullying and being bullied, and to address the root causes of bullying. As we redefine “cool,” kids learn that they cannot be truly cool if they are unkind.

In track 1, the theme song, Cool Kind Kid, kids learn that “kind is cool” and “cool is kind” and that manners are the way to be cool.

In track 4: Magic Word Mambo, not only are they learning the 5 original magic words, but are introduced to the 4 greeting magic words, and the 3 family magic words.

In track 5 Blurty learns that bragging and boasting will not win him too many friends.

In track 10, Rude Rudy, kids hear all the rude behaviors Rudy is engaging in and learn how to behave in a kind, caring manner.

Kids love singing and dancing to these songs!

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