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Good Gifts, Inc. dba Play Clay Factory

Good Gifts, Inc. dba Play Clay Factory, founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1992, is based in the small town of Lamar, Colorado. This privately owned company began in the kitchen of the Clark family twenty years ago to fill a financial need the Clarks had at that time. Play Clay is made with organic ingredients, and the special formula has yet to be duplicated. Play Clay's wonderful qualities has created a demand for a quality play dough product that isn't crumbly like the others, doesn't stain, comes easily out of carpet, and lasts much longer.

There is something even more unique about Play Clay--it smells great! It comes in seven wonderful scents; Blueberry Blast, Cherry Berry, Orange Sherbet, Pineapple Punch, Sour Green Apple, Grape Bubblegum, and Pink Lemonade. But, don't worry. Play Clay tastes yucky. Because of the wonderful scents, Play Clay helps develop longer attention spans in preschool-age children, and since it is so pliable, young children can play with it easily. Because of the true fruity scents, therapists have used Play Clay for visually impaired children to "smell" a color. It's not only an educational product, it's just plain fun. Playing with play dough is still one of the most soothing activities a child can do, and now that Play Clay is available, it can be a soothing experience for parents, as well.

Play Clay is the world's best play dough, and today, people are looking for quality products. Parents, teachers, and therapists prefer Play Clay for their children. You deserve the best, and now you can have it.

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